Allow us to reintroduce you to the one who needs no introduction - IBK SPACESHIPBOI. His name is an apt representation of his style of music. It is safe to say that this fella is way ahead of his time and bound to make the motherland proud. IBK Spaceshipboi has just released a new album, which he calls MUSIC FOR COMMERCIALS VOL.1 – A SPACESHIPBOI EXPERIMENT.

MUSIC FOR COMMERCIALS Vol.1 - A SPACESHIPBOI EXPERIMENT or , for short is the first short music album in history with 10 songs in 10 different genres with a total listen time of 10 minutes.  Guinness World Records material, innit? The album was created in 26 days; production began on the 1st of September 2017 and ended on the 26th of September 2017. All songs were written, produced, performed and recorded by IBK Spaceshipboi. The album is available on all digital media stores worldwide, including iTunes.


1- THE FRENCH NEW YORKER is an upbeat track perfect for commercials. Everything about this record screams high end fashion on the streets of Paris, New York et al. | Genre: Pop Rock

2 – LINGERIE is a piano-driven song perfect for a Victoria’s secret commercial or a lingerie scene in a movie. Filmmakers, get on board! Lingerie also sounds like rhythmic poetry to boost the self-love message that is circulating the web. | Genre: Soul RnB

3 – MOVE sounds like it should be WWE or SMACKDOWN’s next theme song. Where is Vince McMahon? The
record would also work for a truck commercial as well. I don’t know if such a thing exists, but the record is quite masculine. | Genre: Rock

4 - BEAUTIFUL is exactly as the name implies. Beautiful is an outpouring of love to every beautiful woman in the world. There is no way you can listen to this track without feeling as if it was written just for you. The video for this particular track is available on Youtube. The quote at the end of the video nailed the message.  | Genre: Acapella

5 – BOUNCE is appropriate for a sports commercial.  |Genre: Hip Hop

6 – PAIX takes you straight to the streets of Rio. Bossa Nova fans are bound to love this one because it takes the listener to a place of tranquility.  | Genre: Bossa Nova

7 - A BIRD AND A DEER (SEE YOU AGAIN) echoes the message of being impeccable with one’s words. One of the most beautiful things in life is to know that you have someone who has your back no matter what life throws your way. All of us have heard the saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed, and this song nails that message of true friendship. Thank goodness for happy endings! | Genre: Country

8 - CELEBRATION OF LIFE (IT'S IN THE AIR) is another upbeat track that promotes a sense of community. It makes the listener feel what we all feel during the holidays—the need to be around our loved ones, sharing recipes and gifts. | Genre: Alternative Dance

9 - BEAT DROP EDM makes you think of a night out with your squad. It also makes you want to sign up for the next dance workout class. | Genre: EDM

10 - MAGICAL FEELING is bound to make the listener reminisce about the after school hours spent watching looney tunes. Everything about this record screams Walt Disney!!! The song is quite magical because it takes you to an animated world free of life’s worries. | Genre: Jazz

IBK Spaceshipboi's Music for Commercials vol. 1 album was released on Nov 25, 2017 exactly four years from the I come in peace album, which was released on Nov 25, 2013.

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