A meme suggests that car headrests are deliberately designed to break windows during emergencies, but an article by SNOPES suggests otherwise. The meme reads: "The headrest of car seats is deliberately kept detachable and sharp so that it could be used to break open the glass of car in case of fire and emergency. The car's glass too are kept easily breakable from inside. Very few people know about it and thus can't save themselves in case of emergencies."

While it is very useful to know that one can use a car headrest to break out of a car in the event of an emergency, the article suggests that this isn't the sole purpose of the car headrest. The article states that "the primary intended function of the modern car headrest was to prevent whiplash in case of accident: When Benjamin Katz filed a patent for an automobile headrest in 1921, he noted that the device could stabilize the head when it was subjected to the "jolts and irregular movements" inherent in driving an automobile. The car headrest has since gone through many changes, but these primarily focus on safety, comfort, and manufacturing, not emergency uses" (Evon, 2016).

There you have it! The car headrest is designed to help prevent whiplash in the case of an accident. But, it doesn't hurt to know that it can be used for multiple purposes.

SAFETY TIP: Carry an emergency hammer in your car at all times.  

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