Faruk Ft. SeleBobo - Owu Anah Remix

Izuchukwu Anataogu aka Faruk, is a dope artiste from south eastern Nigeria, who's known for lacing up the hook and verse of peoples songs. He was featured in with his energetic style of singing, where he had a way of fusing ragga & igbo flavour to his singing, and his massive energy. He was lately featured in a single by veecko kyngz, ft faruk and selebobo. Faruk is sure to take over any stage with his performance. His delivery in this songs is mad, it's something you will want to experience. He was also a student of Pub Admin, in IMT enugu, and has worked with acts like Flavour Nabania, Veecko Kyngz, Spata E, Sele Bobo, kolo.com, Mr books, Macroy etc. Check out FARUK ft SELEBOBO (owu anah RMX) below. 

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