Sound Sultan, M.I Abaga, Julius Agwu & Others Redefine Peace At The #RSVP Abuja Peace Concert

Sound Sultan, MI, Julius Agwu and others gave the word “Peace” a whole new meaning as they thrilled patriotic Nigerians with electrifying performances at the RSVP Abuja Peace Concert organized by the Advocacy group, Enough Is Enough Nigeria (EiE Nigeria) which held yesterday, the 26th of March 2015 at the Ladi Kwali Conference Centre, Sheraton, Abuja.
The very well attended concert brought together the popular entertainers as well as up and coming performers such as DNA Twins, LK Kuddy, Krump Dance Studios, Ceaser, Debby Veren, Othmanbee, Spell, Distrikt Matters, Spotlight and many others with the aim of encouraging Nigerians to join the decision process in the coming elections by voting peacefully.

The event which was open to everyone with free entrance to everyone with a PVC, is one of the many activities organized by the group as part of its RSVP Campaign to stir up the need for youths to Register, Select, Vote and Protect their votes (RSVP) in the forth coming presidential and gubernatorial elections.

Speaking at the event, the Nigeria Director of Osiwa, funders of the #RSVP Concerts, Jude Ilo, explained how pertinent it is for every citizen of voting age to join the decision process tomorrow as that’s the only voice we have to decide who leads the country to the better place we crave.
“No one should allow themselves be used by politicians to shed blood or vandalize properties. That speaks very low of the leaders of tomorrow we are preparing ourselves to be. Besides if you give your soul because of any Politician, when you are gone, their life continues like nothing happened. Please beware Nigerians... Let’s Vote, Not Fight”, he adds.
Other highlights of the events were Mobile phones and Laptop giveaways among others.
Up and coming artiste, Spotlight, winner of the laptop giveaway, was overwhelmed as it came to him as a total surprise “ I had no idea they will be giving out laptops or mobile phones. I only came here to do what I do best and amazingly, everyone fell in love with my performance and started screaming they should give me the laptop. This is the Nigeria we really need where we appreciate a fellow’s efforts and not tear down. Very grateful to the organizers for this”, he said. 

The RSVP Concert tour, which already held in various cities across the nation - Lagos, Jos, Kaduna, Owerri & Port-Harcourt - is a voter education and youth mobilization initiative of EiE Nigeria, a non-partisan coalition of individuals and organizations committed to instituting a culture of good governance and public accountability in Nigeria.
MI, one of EiE's RSVP Ambassadors and a headliner in 3 of the 6 cities said, "It is important to engage as many young people as possible in the governance process and whenever I can lend my voice and my time, I'm glad to support EiE's work."

EiE believes that if Nigerians engage actively around the message of the RSVP, the quality of governance in Nigeria will improve.

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