Muhammadu Buhari Wins Election | #NigeriaHasDecided

The past few years has been filled with so many roller coasters for Nigerians, with the constant bomb blasts, kidnapping, high unemployment rate, lack of security, blood shed and so much more. But on March 28, 2015, the people of Nigeria decided that enough was enough. They marched out and voted for change. A vote that proves that people's lives matter. Now the voices have been heard. We have a new leader.

This is not just a win for General Muhammadu Buhari, this is a win for the Nigerians. We have decided. And now we are keeping our fingers crossed to see what President Buhari has planned for Nigeria for the next four years. We hope for peace to reign in his term and for God to give him the strength to rule Nigeria.

Say hello to our President - Sai Muhammadu Buhari! 

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