Episode 3 of the Malta Guinness Game On Reality show made its debut on Sunday, January 4 on NTA, AIT and Spice TV. This episode in the running debate of Fashion versus Football saw the contestants taking part in tasks which showed the depth of their skill. Keeping with the theme of bringing the show close to the people, the task for Team Football was to renovate an exercise pitch in the community of Ebute Metta, while that of Team Fashion was to renovate a photo studio in the same community.

Both teams first of all received a visit from top designer, Leo who gave them a pep talk on thinking outside of the box and getting their 'Game On'. Team Fashion's challenge involved renovating a photo studio and they were quite overwhelmed at the extent of dilapidation at first, but quickly got over it and strategized on the next line of action.Team fashion set out to remodel the dilapidated photo studio and upgrade it to a modern, well equipped studio.

Team fashion contestants were excited with the transformation going on in the place they were living considering the place was a mess initially. They all got involved with the renovation of the studio, making it habitable and ready for professional use.Team football's challenge was to renovate Evans Square, a football pitch in Ebute Metta. Team football however was not in harmony like team fashion as an argument ensued between Olumide and Isa on who should visit the stadium for materials to be used in the task. They were finally able to set aside their differences and visited the stadium for equipment as a group. Hopefully, the team spirit will carry through to Episode 4 airing this Sunday the 11th.There was huge excitement when team captain for football, Dan Amokachi arrived in the community to check on his team and advise his team on how to carry out the challenge.

Meanwhile, Coach Isa from team football paid a visit to team fashion to see the level of progress they had made.There was a large turnout at team football's exercise pitch, with a lot of excitement from having the facility renovated. For this challenge a select number of members of the community were again allowed to judge which of the teams excelled in the task. In the end Team Fashion won this week's challenge while Team Football had to vote out the team mate who the considered the weakest link.Sadly, the amiable coach Jerry was voted out of the competition. His team members complained that he had been disagreeable on the task and caused more division than team work. This is quite unusual considering that football is a team sport.

The show continues this Sunday with Episode 4 on AIT and Spice TV 5-6pm. NTA 4.30 -5.30pm. Watch also repeat broadcasts on ONTV, Thursday 6.30 – 7.30 pm and on Sound City on Saturdays 7-8pm.Which team will win the next episode? Team Fashion or Team Football?  Have your say and vote for your passion. Click here ; Also, you can text GoFashion or GoFootball to 20055 to win exciting prizes.  The Malta Guinness Game On reality show continues next Sunday. Which passion will best fuel the rise of Naija? Get behind your passion and follow the conversation onFacebook/MaltaGuinness and Twitter: @MaltaGuinnessNG

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