I really apologize for using the offensive expression on us all, but the truth must be told even though it is bitter.
The so-called sect “Boko Haram” started since 2009, carrying out various malevolent attacks, destroying so many lives and properties of Nigerians, since then nobody in Nigeria has been able to stand up in this magnitude to tell the government, which we know is like a car with a dead battery (Push & Start) to do something and stop the in humane deed, instead we all stood there and watched all this happening.
One of the deadly attacks by these insurgents was the bloodbath in an entire village in Jos that included pregnant women, Children etc. and nobody lent a voice or came out to protest against the genocide.
Here is another shocking experience; the mass killing of youth corps members in Kaduna (2012) passing out from their higher institutions by this same monstrous sect called the “Boko Haram” that they are trying to put a stop to western Education and still we were complacent with that.
Another secondary school was raided early this year killing male students with the same impossible mission of stopping western education in Nigeria. Various bomb attacks and massacres were also carried out by these same insurgents, and we Nigerians did not come to the streets to protest massively, until this happened; the 276 schools girls that were abducted from their school dormitory on the 15th Of April 2014 which attracted foreign attention and the #BringBackOurGirls campaign, that’s when we knew we would join and call on the government to do something to stop Boko Haram and Bring Our Girls Home.

Before the Nigerian celebrities joined the #BringBackOurGirls campaign, Chis Brown, Kery Hilson, Mary J Blige and other international celebrities were already calling for the freedom of these innocent girls while the so called celebrities and influential people in Nigeria where still quiet. The Government (politicians) is all busy fighting for 2015 elections. The #BringBackOurGirls campaign is a worldwide campaign now, and every one of them wants to do a song for their own selfish interest to promote themselves pretending to call for the freedom or the girls (Hypocrisy).

In summary; corruption is all over the country and the citizens sit at home and complain without doing anything about it, listen to the radio hear all what they say when they call in complain upon complain. When was the last time Nigerian Labour congress (NLC) spoke on our behalf? “Hope for Nigeria”.

“Nigeria Go Better” not when you sit at your home and complain and indulge in hypocrisy, believe in what you stand for, and not what others are telling you to do. If Nigeria must be better, it is me and you that will that will stand up make that change, remember even the so called government are Nigerians too, they once sat at home and got angry over the madness going on at the top, they are there now, but they can’t do anything about it!
 God Bless Nigeria!

Jackson Bassey (@CaptainJackNG)

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