The Ebola virus outbreak is on the rise in Africa. On Sunday, after the number of dead topped 90 and Mali and Ghana recorded their first suspected cases of the disease, trouble began in remote villages.  A mob attacked an Ebola treatment center in Guinea, accusing it of infecting the town with disease, according to Reuters. In other villages, people stopped shaking hands. See this Washingtonpost article for more information.

Although blood tests have shown that a 12-year-old girl in Ghana who died of viral fever with bleeding did not have Ebola, everyone is encouraged to take proper precautions to protect themselves.  Please take the following precautions:
-         Wash your hands frequently.
-        Get a Dettol hand sanitizer for people to use in your office and homes and let them know why.
-        Get one hand sanitizer for your children to use in school frequently, and if possible, one for their class. Let them know why.
-        Be careful with hand railings, doors and other utilities used by the public.
-        Avoid bush meat or meat of which you are not sure of its source.
-        Lastly, watch out for people with flu-like symptoms such as fever, myalgia (muscle pains) and malaise (general feeling of being unwell).

Please note that the virus has no cure! Spread the word! 

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