Chocolate City Kenya sultry songstress is now live on Nigerian TV screens every week.  Victoria is being featured in a new reality TV series “The Rise of Queen Victoria” which follows our stay in Nigeria as she records new music and builds her brand.

“The show affords my fans all over Nigeria the pleasure of experiencing my world up close and personal” said the Kenyan singer whose mixtape “Queen Victoria” is available for download here

“The Rise of Queen Victoria” is produced by REEL E TV, sponsored by Chocolate City and is on the following channels in Lagos at these times;
STV Mondays 2pm
TVC Thursdays 6pm
Those in other parts of the country can also watch on these stations; ITV Abuja and Benin, BCOS Ibadan, MBI Obosi, ESTS Enugu, RSTV Port Harcourt, DBS Warri, KWTV Ilorin, NSTV Niger, RIMA TV Sokoto, KSTV Kaduna and about 15 other stations across Nigeria.

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