We are glad to announce that the one of a kind producer/singer/rapper/song-writer  IBK Spaceshipboi released his debut album (I COME IN PEACE) on the 25th of Nov. Christmas sure did come early.

1 Spaceship anthem
2 Light in me ft Tychi
3 Worship medley ft Dami Kalejaiye
4 Loving you
5 This time
6 The mission ft Maxwell Olalekan
7 Sticks and Stones ft Bez and Stan Iyke
8 The Heaven Experience

Speaking on the release of his debut album, IBK stated: "I decided to have 8 records on the album because in biblical numerology 8 stands for 'new beginning' and that's what this album ushers in. A new beginning type experience for the listener as each record inspires them to Dream, Become and Achieve.  The album kicks off with the (Spaceship Anthem) which is more like a theme song for the album followed by two records (Light in me and the Worship medley) which give you a taste as to what to expect when you experience IBK Spaceshipboi live in concert. need I say more? come along with me on this musical journey and experience the 4th dimension through sound." 

Check out the album art and the Manifesto for the album. It tells you the aim for the project and the cause. The album is available on 

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