There’s a silent man standing behind the powerhouse that is Peter and Paul Okoye (popularly known as P-Square). That man is their elder brother Jude.
Functioning as their manager, few people would argue that Jude Okoye has not had a large hand in the success of his brothers. Apart from being P-Square manager and CEO of Northside Entertainment, Jude Okoye is also an accomplished cinematographer and Video Director.
The ‘Temptation’ video he shot for P-Square in South Africa a number of years back, raised the bar in video directing in Nigeria. It’s logical to assume then that since the man is good at what he does, he would be highly sought after in the video directing business. This might be true, but so far Jude Okoye has only ever shot videos for his brothers.
Hip Hop World was at the Squareville mansion to listen to him shed a little more light on why his services are exclusive to his brothers.  “I am not a commercial video director. I can’t be running company affairs and still have time to be shooting videos for them (other artistes). And because I have this attachment with P-Square, I wouldn’t want to give room for people to start comparing them because it has happened before,” Jude says.
“I shot a video for somebody in 2005. The person was impressed with the video and said the marketer wants to shoot 4 more videos to use as DVD. The person kept the video for like 8 months hoping to get more money so I can shoot more videos for him; but by then a lot of things had changed.
I took P-Square to London we shot ‘Temptation’ and came back. The person started comparing his video with ‘Temptation’ and went to the media to say I’m paying more attention to P-Square because I don’t want any other artistes to blow like P-Square and I don’t like that kind of comment, so since then I made up my mind that I think I need to avoid something like that.”
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