What a Save! Safeeyat lives to sing another day on Nigerian Idol

It was another nail-biting Saturday airing of the Nigerian Idol reality television show as, once more, contestants were up for elimination. As the show enters the home stretch and inches closer and closer to finding a winner the race it has become even more difficult to watch contestants bid their final farewell to the $100,000 prize.

This week was no exception, and surprisingly, the singer with the big voice, Safeeyat, was voted off the show. She sang her heart out for a chance to be saved, singing “Kiss from a rose” by Seal and for a tense minute or two while the judges conferred, it looked like she was headed home. However, the judges decided to give the singer another chance and used up their save to keep her in the running for at least another week.

Did the judges make the right call? And did Safeeyat make a convincing comeback on the performance show? For more, check out the Nigerian Idol YouTube page at www.youtube.com/NigerianIdol.

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