MTV's Big Friday Show Gives Special Tribute to Goldie + HILARIOUS VIDEO


... BFS Gives Special Tribute to Goldie On The Show.

What happens when you put two amazing comedians in a room? Find out on this week’s episode on MTV’s The Big Friday Show with popular host BasketMouth and studio guest for the week, Bovi.

In this week’s teaser, Bovi will give BasketMouth a huge scare interrogating him on one issue while Basketmouth unknowingly gives excuses for another. Don’t miss this episode as both comedians will crack you up.

The sixth episode of the new season will also feature a special BFS tribute to the talented singer Goldie (Susan) Harvey whose tragic death on February 14th shook colleagues and fans within Nigeria and beyond.

Upcoming act, PM Wizzy’s studio challenge for the week will see him moving around the streets of Lagos interviewing people. Find out if he’s able to complete his task so as to promote his music at the end of the show. The other segments in this week’s episode include BFS Vlog segment presented by favourite Vlogger, Stephanie, the weekly BFS Countdown and the Ask/Reply segment to know more about studio guest, Bovi. 

Start your weekend with the Big Friday Show on Friday on MTV Base at 8:00pm CAT, in Nigeria on STV at 6pm and 11pm, in Ghana on Viasat1 TV at 5pm, in Benin Republic on ORTB at 9:30pm and on AIT in Nigeria at
9:30pm on Wednesday.

Join the conversation on the BFS Facebook page or on twitter @BigFridayShow using the hashtag #BigFridayShow.

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