WHITE WALLS (Spoken Word Poetry) by Toni Payne

In my minds eye I see darkness
I see pain.
The forces around me
They surround me
They try to deprive me
I try to break free
Their touch is killing
I feel like breathing
I feel like  healing
negativity out there demeaning
Not to me, but to he and to she
Who dare address me
So quick to judge we
They believe,
Oh yes! they believe....
With their words they have the power
To cut like a dagger
through my soul
Leaving an empty hole?
I dont think so! 
A look in their lifes mirror
Speak volumes of imperfections
Pretending to be holy
Hmmm! Aint that sum shit homie..
Depression sets in
Aggression manipulates me
She wants me angry, vengeful, hateful
I will not give in
They control my mind
Grab me from behind
My soul feels caged
I need to break free
I need to be me
I cannot conform
Who needs a reform
The voices, they come around me
Asking me to clean my surroundings
I hate this place,
I feel misplaced
I shout thru my veils of lace
I don't feel like cleaning this shit hole
So shut your pie hole, u asshole!
In my white walls I wish you could see
What it takes to really be me
Allow me make my mistakes
Allow me do what it takes
Allow me... even if I break
I'm close to the key
I need to break free
Free from this bondage
Mental, Emotional, Physical
Yes they surround me
I need to break free.
The sound of metal through the silence
It rings like keys
I need to break free
In my white walls you can't understand me
It takes a lot to really be me Toni Payne - White Walls

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