As a frequent music critic, as some might call me, I commonly find myself listening to music that sounds exactly like another album I reviewed the week before. I noticed that in today's world of music, similarities in styles, sounds, and melodies do exist- quite too often. Due to this result, the music that I find worth listening to is usually very different. Uniqueness is a term that has been discarded with modern styles of music, and I enjoy when artists such as Duncan Daniels dare to be different.

I became a fan back in 2010 after he sang one of the songs “Medicine Man” from his album “ShoStoppah”, to me at the park! LOL.  I still remain a fan because the more I listen to his songs, the more I heard Duncan, and so he gets major points for his originality, uniqueness and more importantly, ability.  I had the privilege of listening to his new single “Forever” and I instantly loved it. It’s a song about a guy who lost love, and even though he has been waiting for an answer, he realized that she will not be coming back to him. It hasn’t been released yet, but you should know that it is full of intelligent writing and playing from start to finish. If you feel like looking into yourself, because I believe a lot of us will relate to this song, you should listen, but make sure you pay attention so you don’t miss anything.

During a time when studio executives and artists are more focused on image making than musical expression, it’s nice to hear an honest rock song like Duncan's “Forever”, it is utterly refreshing. I have to warn you that the average Nigerian, who only cares about how fast the beat of a song is going and how sweaty he/she can get from dancing to the beat, will not be able to relate to most of Duncan Daniels’ songs.

Apart from him exhibiting his lyrical potential, I believe the instrumentation is certain to remain in memory, especially at 02:49 and 04:07 minutes into the song, making the sound even better. The song does not have a release date yet, but I expect to see much more publicity from Duncan Daniels in the near future. 

For more Duncan Daniels,follow him on Twitter @Dunkishrock

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