Trybe Records artist Sojay covers Miguel's "Adorn" (Video)

On a quiet afternoon in Iman Studios, all it took was a guitar, a microphone, and a camera to capture Trybe Records' crooner Sojay as he reinvented Miguel's "Adorned" with a soulful acoustic rendition of the #1 hit. Weaving his voice through laid back guitar riffs, Sojay glides through high notes effortlessly - blending the emotions of pure soul, with the edge of today's modern R&B.
Nigerian R&B fans are already familiar with Sojay after his 1st place finish in 2011's Top Talent competition, but more recently casual music fans from around the world have chimed in to praise his stirring studio cover of Mario's "Let Me Love You". With his singles coming closer to release, and an album in the works, Sojay is definitely an artist to watch for in 2013.

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