Some may refer to him as the "waist master" while others just call him Iyanya. He is back again with another single "Flavour", produced by D'Tunes.

Iyanya - Flavor [Download]

Personally, I think Iyanya is an amazing artist but I was a little disappointed after listening to this song. Not because it is unpleasant to the ears, but because I feel like Iyanya has gone commercial. He might as well start booking "Owanbe" shows and just call it a day. I fell in love with his voice when he was on the Project Fame competition. That's  the Iyanya that I want back. There is nothing wrong with giving the fans what they want, I mean, you did that with three great tracks "kukere" , "ur waist" and "bust my brain". But you need to go back to where you started from, and by that I mean I want to hear songs like "Love truly" and "I'm the one". These songs made me fall in love with you, but now all I hear in your songs is nothing but auto-tune abuse and don't even get me started with the lyrics!

You are an amazing singer. We need to hear more of your vocals (no auto-tune) and more songs that actually make sense.

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I completely agree with you. He actually has a good singing voice but he isn't showing it off. I still love him though and his three singles are really great. I'm already a fan. We'll see how the rest of the album goes...

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