Some of these people may have been winners at the 2012 Headies, but it was the Yellow Carpet that had us buzzing. Check out the pictures below.

The cowboy belt buckle and those jeans need to go! I will try to ignore the lady next to him.
Burna Boy, no wonder you fell off the stage. What is this?
I have no words for this. What is going on here?
I get what he's trying to do here but why does it look like he has a "camel toe" ? Please wear a belt next time.
This isn't Halloween, why are you dressed like a skunk?!
Sina Rambo obviously missed the memo.
Mode 9, I love you but Geeeez, wear a suit once in a while! It's an Awards show!
LMFAO wannabe. It's an award show, not Mix-match day. Do better!
Mr. Aladdin, I'm surprised they let you into the venue. 

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