If you listen to most of the songs that come out of our entertainment industry these days, you will agree with me when I say that art is dead.  Music, for most of these artists, is just basic business, which is understandable because, hey, I'm not the one paying their bills. Artists love sycophants, the sycophants or fans love noise, so give them noise, come up with a few dance steps to go with your noise and you will make big money. Some fans might even go ahead and call you a "Legend." I call it "noise" because most of the time, I end up losing a few brain cells after listening to some Nigerian songs.  Artists are not in the music business for the art, not anymore. Ask the average Nigerian what he loves about some of these songs and 9 out of 10 times, you will get answers like "The beat is nice", nothing else. The noise they create does entertain most of us, and I guess making "entertainment" is also some kind of Art ?

Regardless, it's nice to see a musical talent like Jeremiah Gyang who still stays true. I consider him to be one of the most soulful, lyrically skilled artists that Nigeria has to offer. I became a fan after listening to his earlier releases, particularly Comforter's Song Ft. Asa - Track 02 and Ke ce Kadai - Track 05. 

 Jeremiah Gyang - Ke Ce Kadai 
Jeremiah Gyang Ft. Asa - Comforter's Song

The Love Album obviously has a love theme through most of it. I am big on vocal harmonies and I was happy because, on most of the tracks, Jeremiah shows his vocal skills, like Track 03 - The Only One, and Kauna Allah Ft. Skales, which are also released earlier. And then, there are tracks like  06 - You're My Fire, 11 - Daddie's Song and track 12 - With You. Every thing about these three songs are brilliant! The love I have for these songs can not be explained, you just have to listen to them. Daddie's Song gives you the type of feeling where you get so weak, but also want to jump for joy. I have no idea what he was saying because it is in Hausa Language, but this song is just beautiful. These three tracks are my favorites from the album, not a note out of place, and the harmony is just thrilling.

Jeremiah gives us a salsa tune in Track 09 - Let's Hold Hands, as he talks about how we as a people should keep hope alive as we  try to make Nigeria a better country. Then we find him focusing more on gratitudes in Track 14 - Thank You Lord, as he shows his appreciation to God for getting him to where he is right now and making him do the things he does.

Crowd pleasers like In Love With You - Track 8  and  Keep It - Track 13 , balance out the album well with bubbly up-tempo beats.  Jeremiah features just the right amount of heart and personal touch to make you want more. I have listened over and over and believe me, it is anything but a disappointment. This one is for those prepared for soul and R&B to move on to another level. Because that's really what Jeremiah is  doing with this album.

I didn't review every single track because I didn't want to feel like I was giving away too much. The Love Album is filled with nothing but good music. So  If you are ready to hear something that will someday be considered visionary in the evolution of Nigerian music, don't miss this album.

 Jeremiah Gyang revealed plans for the release of this album with us, in an exclusive interview back in 2009 Here
The Love Album was released on the 14th of October.
It is available online HERE
For more Jeremiah Gyang, follow him on twitter @JeremiahGyang

- This album was reviewed by @OluwaSparkle

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Wow! I'm so happy for Jeremiah. I fell in love with his music when he released na baka.

Very nice review. Kudos to oluwasparkle.

art is not dead, its very well alive. the true artists just need more celebration and like you said the strategy of entertainment in itself is an art.

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