BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE: Jarmeu Set To Release Thumping, Ode To The Booty Single

Some know him as D'Banger of the scape goat LMAO cover duo, others as the party marshall with 'Am Bad' while he shone bright on the conscious song - E No Easy, JARMEU is set for near-epic showcase with his upcoming single entitled 'Booty Bash'.

The superstar  Dee-R-S Tunes ensigned material is going to move the every dance floor with his new Kiddominant-produced single.  'Booty Bash' is a bass thumping ode to the woman's behind. A sure party starting track. This is going to surpass the acceptance and eventual success of previous singles fans have heard.

To kick off the release of the new single, Dee-R-S Tunes has released behind-the-scene footages from a teaser video shoot done in the UK.

Dee-R-S Tunes is leaving nothing un turned for a near-epic debut for Jarmeu and the forth coming chart-topping bound single. The video with the teaser to be released soon is directed by Moe Musa and Patrick Elis.

Viewers and fans should expect nerve exciting experience. Enjoy an exclusive footage of the making.

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