So, I haven’t reviewed an album or mixtape in a minute. I think a part of me just got tired of listening to the same type of music, or maybe I’m just lazy. But I’ve been trying to appreciate African music more, so I will take the time to review whaqtever album or mixtape I fit is worthy, starting again with Teeklef’s NOBIS (No Beat Is Safe) Mixtape.

I know a lot of Nigerians are used to the up-beat type of music. You might not get their attention if you don’t have them jumping on their feet or sweating their nutss off while listening t your music. Basically, a lot of Nigerians think the song is “boring” just because they can’t dance to it. So, if you’re looking for that kind of music that gets you doing the Davido or Azonto dance, you definitely won’t enjoy this mix-tape.

The strongest pointss of this mixtape are “Enroute | For Me” and “Last Summer.” The instrumentals, vocals and harmony on these two tracks were just right.  I do not like to compare but his rap reminds me a little of one of my favorite rappers. That’s a huge plus in my book. Teeklef also did right by featuring Afrotunes and Yesi on the track “Stay Scheming.” You will also enjoy other tracks like “My Art”, “Don’t Run Away” (perfect harmony), “1000 Grammys” and “Wassup ft. PO | Mirror.”

Not that this mixtape is without flaws. I thought a couple of the tracks were a bit more of the same. Some of them got soulful and personal  but still remained in  that familiar territory. Teeklef is very talented because, not only does he sing, he raps, writes and produces his music. He is a pretty decent rapper, although I enjoy his singing better and I think he will be really great if he comes out of his comfort zone.

I believe Teeklef is still proving to be one of the most promising artists out there.

NOBIS’ atmosphere feels really warm. This is a feel-good type of music. I mean, track 11 “All Over Your Body” almost had me in cloud 99 icon smile TEEKLEF   NOBIS (NO BEAT IS SAFE) | #REVIEW

Listeners who usually don’t stray too far from R&B and even Soul will be impressed by this mixtape.

Download NOBIS here.

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