Mode 9 Gets Pranked this week!

The popular duo, Bracket who have earned a massive fan base across Africa with their distinctive music are the celebrity guests on this week’s episode of Nigeria’s favourite weekly show, The Big Friday Show.

Bracket will join the league of top Nigerian celebrities from different fields in the entertainment industry who have graced the popular show.

As usual, there is the Vlog segment which is hosted by hot new Vlogger Stephanie who updates us on latest happenings in the entertainment scene.

There is also the popular and much loved segment, “The Big Friday Prank Show”. On this episode, we see multi-award winning rap icon, Mode 9 get pranked big time. This week’s prank show will definitely blow your minds!

The seventh episode of The Big Friday Show also features upcoming artist, EMZO who will be given a task/studio challenge to complete in order to promote his music at the end of the show.

The other segments in this week’s show includes the ASK/REPLY where Glo users send in questions for the celebrity guest. There is also the “MEET ME” segment where a lucky Glo subscriber meets BRACKET and also asks them questions.

Don’t forget to watch the weekly Big Friday Show Countdown and the hilarious “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?”

The seventh episode of the Big Friday Show was shot at Twin Peaks Lounge in Lekki Lagos hosted by Ace comedian and host, BASKETMOUTH.

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