Now, before I share what I'm about to share with you guys, allow me to vent for a minute. 

According to the CEO of Royal Entertainment, Banky W canceled the California concert four days before the show, and this was after Royal Ent. had paid him. Also, Banky's excuse for canceling the show was "something huge came up." Now, let me take you back to the DM that was leaked on twitter yesterday. Banky's "personal friend" (@Tonididitonem) claimed she knew that Banky and the EME boys were not going to perform in California a long time ago. She also made it clear that Royal Ent and the rest of the fans would not be getting their refund. 

I feel like we just got scammed all over again because all of a sudden, Royal Ent. released what I would call a big ol' pilE of steaming bull crap Press Release, apologizing on behalf of EME and also saying that EME was never paid for the concert? So, why were you guys accusing BankY W. for being a scammer? 
You also mentioned that the reason why the concert was canceled was because Wizkid got sick. So I have a few questions for you

Is this the "something huge" that came up?? Why didn't EME tell you guys right away that Wizkid got sick? Why did they have to wait till everything got so messed up? What about the girl who claimed that Banky was not going to be at the show? Was she lying? Was that a publicity stunt? Did Prophet TB Joshua predict Wizkid's sickness? because this whole thing sounds shady to me! 

I think the press release is pure rubbish. The excuses you guys gave don't even make sense! We are not idiots. Either you guys come clean and let us know that EME paid you to shut you up, then you decided to feed us with this BS press release, OR just admit that you wanted attention and you wanted to make Banky W. look bad (character defamation is a huge offense in case you didn't know.)

I know for a fact that there is more to this story. You cannot just start an online movement and rant for days about how you got scammed, only for you to come back and say that EME was never paid and all other things that don't even add up. WE DEMAND ANSWERS!!!!

I also feel like Banky W a.k.a Baddest Boy should consider going into politics. (All kinds of pun intended - if u catch my drift ;))

So, who is the culprit? Banky W or Royal Entertainment? Check out the official press release by Royal Entertainment and you be the judge. 

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