Sewa is a Nigerian singer/songwriter and a recording artist who strongly believes in God, Life and in Africa.

Born Ojedele Rebecca Adesewa, Sewa has worked with many Nigerian and international artists as a back-up singer. Notable among the numerous artists she has worked with are D’banj and the mo'hits crew, Tunde and Wunmi Obe [TWO], Ego Ogbaro, Kunle Ayo, Judith Sephuma and a one-time back-up for Donnie McClurkin during the annual Rejoice Concert in 2009. She was also the sultry voice behind Charlie Boys hit ‘Ninja Bike’.

Sewa was the former lead singer of the Groovy Jazz Movement. She has worked with several other bands such as Dejavu band, Indigo band, Salt of the earth band, Mohits live band, among several others

Sewa's singing career started way back in church where she was a worship leader and has been privileged to serve in many churches and gospel groups as a soprano singer and worship leader.

Sewa studied Estate Management in the prestigious Yaba College of Technology and graduated in 2008 with a Distinction. After obtaining her degree she proceeded to Peter King College of Music, Badagry where she studied music and majored in Guitar and Voice. In 2011, she won the international youth day contest with her beautiful soul song titled 'Kilowade'.

Sewa's musical style is deeply rooted in African soul and Jazz. She deeply loves the rich percussiveness of African music which she cultivates by listening to great artists like Angelique Kidjo, Miriam Makeba, Brenda Fasi, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Lagbaja, King Sunny Ade. She also has great affinity for soul music such as those of Sade Adu, Asa, Corrine Bailey Rae amongst others. Sẹwẚ's sound finds a balance between these two beautiful genres of music.
Sewa loves to sing about life, dignity of labour, justice, Motherhood etc. There is no subject too complex for her to interprete into a song.

Mulele, her first single is a song about the beauty and rewards of hard work. The song borrows rich Yoruba proverbs to pass this message across. It is a fusion of Jazz, African rhythm and folk.



 It doesn’t matter your position, your size and disposition
Aboki, Oyinbo, Yoruba tabi Irobo (Northerner, White man, Westerner or a South-South person)
It doesn’t matter wetin your colour be, you’re perfect being you
But Mulele, Oju ogun le o, ko ko bi ota (But hold on tight, the battle front is as hard as a bullet)
You better fight the fight today,
Ko le sinmi lola o (..... so as to rest tomorrow)

(Pre chorus)
Mulele, Mulele, you can’t afford to be lazy awe (Hold on tight, you can’t afford to be lazy my friend)
Mulele Mulele Mulele, Ko te pa mose (Hold on tight and be hard working)
Mulele, Mulele, you can’t afford to be lazy awe (Hold on tight, you can’t afford to be lazy my friend)
Mulele Mulele Mulele, Ko te pa mose (Hold on tight and be hard working)

Oba kole oke lo, ki tibi to dahoro (You’d better Build up your house, before your current accommodation becomes desolate)
Oba ponmi sile, kiyan ogbele to wole de (Save water before the drought comes)
Oba kole oke lo, ki tibi to dahoro, dahoro, dahoro

(Verse 2)
Some people say this life isn’t fair
Some people don’t even give a care
This is reality my brother,
Success get many friends, failure dey para for loneliness o
Bo o pe o loju, awon kan o riran (If you say you have eyes, some can’t see)
Bo o pe o leti, awon han oo gbo (If you say you have ears, some can’t hear)
This is reality my brother
You’re not standing in my way; I’m not standing in your way

Mulele Mulele, you can’t afford to be lazy awe
Mulele Mulele Mulele, ko sise mo se
Igba ole lo bii orere (You can’t live forever)
Aiye o le lo bii opa ibon (And you don’t have boundless time)
Yeyeye Tepa mo se

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