23 year old aspiring music teacher WenXia Yu from the People’s Republic of China won the 2012 Miss World competition which took place at the Dongsheng Fitness Center Stadium in Ordos, China today.
This year, 116 beauties from all over the world congregated in China for the competition.
Miss Wales Sophie Moulds took the first runner-up spot while Australian beauty queen Jessica Kahawaty was the second runner-up.

MISS WORLD 2012 - WenXia Yu
Miss World 2012 winner Yu Wenxia of China waves as she stands next to second place contestent Miss Wales Sophie Moulds, left, and third place Miss Australia Jessica Kahawaty
 Five Continental Queens of Beauty were chosen and they are South Sudan (Africa), Brazil (Americas), Asia & Pacific (China), Europe (Wales) and Caribbean (Jamaica).
Miss World 2012 with Continental Queens
 Nigeria’s representative Damiete Charles-Granville did well as she was chosen as one of the top 10 candidates in the Fashion Beauty/Beach Fashion contest. Although she was among the top ten for beach fashion contest, Nigeria representative at the miss world contest, Miss Damiete Charles Granville failed to make it to the semi final stage of the miss world contest, after losing out in several contests and test such as CHARITY WORKS, sports and modeling It is worth noting that personalities that win beauty pageants in Nigeria only win with the right connections and having the right amont of money to buy the crown; this has been repeatedly reflected in the poor performances of Nigeria at all miss world contest after the Agbani Darego victory of 2001.

Check out her photos while she was in China.
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 We congratulate her for the effort and we wish her all the best with her career.

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