I’ll begin this post by first jogging your memory to the summer of last year, when the EME label was set to hold a North American Tour that unfortunately for fans, didn’t happen. When asked about the situation, EME coroner Banky W pretty much explained that things didn’t go according to plan, and gave his sincerest apology to fans. As many of you are aware of, the EME team gave fans another opportunity of meeting them this summer, as they promised to perform at different locations around the U.S. (Among those locations was NYC, which I recently did a review post for. ) All was going accordingly until the cancelation of the California/ Canada tour. Enough grammar. Here’s the gist:
Banky W and the rest of the EME boys have been promoting their tour, and allegedly reached out to a well known California promoter (@Echecrates for those on twitter) to help put the show together. However, just days before the show was supposed to take place, the EME boys cancelled, with the explanation that “something HUGE came up”. Banky W even gave a press release statement, explaining that the EME team is very appreciative of their fans, but what came up was beyond their control. The promoter however expressed his disdain over the issue on twitter, emphasizing the fact that EME came to him, and not the other way around. He also mentioned that “something HUGE came up” was not a good enough reason/ explanation to cancel a show he worked hard to put together. He stated that he got fans from out of state to buy tickets to watch the EME boys perform, despite their concerns over the fact that the show, like last year, might be canceled.
As if things weren’t bad enough, a leaked DM (direct message) between two individuals on twitter (@msJANElove, & @ToniDidItOnEm ) added more fuel to the fire. (See screenshots below) The tweets are quite straight forward, and show that the person sending the tweets (@ToniDidItOnEm) was very much aware of the fact that the concert wasn’t going to take place. She not only brought the fact that “something HUGE came up” was questionable, (suggesting that the EME boys already knew that the concert wouldn’t take place, but were promoting it anyway) , but she also received heat from the promoter because she, as his friend , was well aware of the fact that he was getting “played” by EME.
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In summary, EME is receiving a lot of criticism right now for their actions, and are being accused of scam. I heard something about lawyers getting involved, (because apparently last year, fans that bought tickets never received their money back) but nothing is yet confirmed. I do know that according to banky, fans this time will be refunded 100% for their money. There’s been no word yet from the EME camp, so we’ll all just have to sit tight.

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