Sinem Onabanjo, Prolific Writer and Photographer, is Ladybrille Woman of the Month July 2012

Sinem Onabanjo, a prolific writer and photographer writing and capturing the stories and images of contemporary African fashion, is Ladybrille Magazine Woman of the Month July 2012.

The online magazine which celebrated its fifth (5) year anniversary last month, was established to help de-stigmatize the negative images of Africans in the West by exposing its youthful, urban and explosive fashion and entertainment industries to the Western masses, through its influencers.

The Ladybrille ‘Woman of the Month’ is a monthly feature on Ladybrille magazine which celebrates women, locally and internationally, for their brilliant contributions to their communities and society at large.

“A celebration of Sinem Onabanjo and her contributions to Africa, particularly Nigeria’s fashion industry, is long overdue,” said Uduak Oduok, Editor-in-Chief for Ladybrille Magazine. “Everything she does relating to Africa is passionate, inspiring, refreshing and positive. She has a profound respect for how she approaches the African narrative and it is highly commendable especially given that she is a non-African (from Turkey) telling Africa’s stories.”

Onabanjo has been a writer for over a decade writing for a range of UK and other international publications on topics of fashion and entertainment. She is also the current Editor-in-Chief of Nigerian owned and Lagos based international magazine, FAB. A seasoned photographer and co-owner of a photography business with Suby Onabanjo, her husband, she also recently co-launched her Public Relations firm, STWOPR , with Suby which caters to Africa’s fashion and entertainment industries.

“As a long-time reader of Ladybrille, I am delighted and honored to be recognized as a Ladybrille Woman amongst so many inspirational others who have preceded me and many more likely to follow after,” said Onabanjo in describing what it feels like to be Ladybrille Woman of the Month for July 2012. “I’d like to thank Uduak Oduok and her team not only for an amazing interview but also for continuing to bring us a fab quality online publication with the latest news covered with highest standards.”
Onabanjo joins the Ladybrille Alumni list of brilliant Women of the Month(s) including Supermodels Iman and Nana Keita, Top Fashion Model & Humanitarian- Gelila Bekele and Project Runway Season 5 Finalist & Fashion Designer Korto Momolu.

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