Pastor Goody Goody is back!

If you have being wondering where Basil Okon Edet a.k.a Pastor Goody Goody has been, well wonder no more. We ran into the musician who hails from Akwa Ibom State and he informs us that he is planning a comeback. “I just decided that charity begins at home. I went back home to release my album. It’s in Akwa- Ibom and titled Made In Akwa-Ibom. It was dropped on November 20 last year and I celebrated my fifteen years on stage with that album release. I’m back in Lagos, my album here in Lagos; the dance hall album is set but like you know, you have to get people to know the songs.

He continued “When you listen to my songs, you’d ask why I produce them. I did everything on my own. I don’t wanna work with the top acts for now because I wanna start from beginning. I want people to know what I’m bringing to the table, I want them to know me so that when they hear that I’m featured on tracks, they know what to expect. I will just give my best. I don’t want to be pitied by my fans; please criticize me if I’m bad. Because i want to get back on track again for you guys. If it is good, dance to it, if not, criticize.

Source: HHWM

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