An exciting moment awaits French speakers and learners in the country as announces the unveiling of their French language Web site,, an online weekly magazine in French language aimed at helping Francophones and Francophiles alike who wish to better their grasp of the French language.

Co-founder of the site and a Foreign Languages graduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Odeniyi Oluwafeyisike while explaining the rationale behind the site said she saw an opening for a comprehensive site on which visitors can find a better way to acquire the French language instead of the conventional classroom style that is most times laden with boredom.

Speaking on the site, Odeniyi said, “The site is easy, quick and convenient for learning the French language; friends have kept complaining that they don’t have a medium to practice what they learn in the class-room, so we came together to float a site that will teach French and have articles that range from sports, entertainment, to politics written in French, this will help their vocabulary and in the long run their register base.

“We designed the site in such a way that the articles are written in simple, easy-to read French and for the expressions that we might think difficult for the beginner-learner, a note follows to explain those words,” she revealed.

Also commenting on the site, Tanimomo Oluseun, the site Administrator said “there is need for one Nigerian Web site by Anglophones who went through the rigors of learning French as a second language and as adults.
Online French learners go from Web site to Web site looking for applications for the rules they have learnt and is a one-stop site for all.” test ran the site between January 13, 2012 and February 2012 with interviews of Nollywood celebrities, and articles that range from sports, fashion to academics. The site also has a column for French enthusiasts who might want to learn the French language, the column teaches the bases of the French language like grammar, conjugation, tenses.

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