Seven AMAA Award Nominees Movie “Somewhere in Africa” (2012) Premieres 25/06/2012 on iROKOtv

In one day the lives of everyone were changed, one twist of fate, and one dictator’s ascension to power destroyed everything that past regimes had toiled and worked for.
Amongst the dead bodies on the streets of Kimbala, everyone is equal, the young, the old, and the barrel of the gun has no respect for anyone. (Somewhere In Africa, 2012)

iROKOtv, the world’s largest distributor of Nollywood entertainment, presents this blockbuster movie by acclaimed producer Frank Rajah Arase. Something in Africa is already being touted as one of the best movies to come out of Africa – an instant classic. The movie received Seven AMAA Award nominations and earned its star actor Majid Michel the Best Actor Award at the 8th Annual African Academy Movie Awards (AMAA) in Lagos, Nigeria recently.

Full Cast: Majid Michel, Martha Ankomah, Amanobia Opoku Boakyi, David Dontoh, Kofi Adjorlolo, Roselyn Ngissah

Director: Frank Rajah Arase

Executive Producer: Kwame Boadu, Raj Films & Heroes Production

Catch a sneak peak of this thriller

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