When you google the cost of a round trip ticket to any country in Africa, you're bound to shake your head at the total cost. OLAMILD ENT takes away the shaking of the head by bringing Africa to you. With one click, you stream hot African music, view pictures of dazzling African celebs, read bios, access Exclusive interview(s) and more.

For four consecutive years, we've celebrated Africans doing positive things in the world of music, fashion, health, sports, and movies. Our viewers would agree that we deliver the most up-to-date news. In an effort to continue to serve you and to make sharing via Twitter and SMS easier, we have shortened our website's URL. THE NEW LINK  FOR OLAMILD ENTERTAINMENT is WWW.OLAMILDENT.COM

The new link comes with the following features:
  • A select language button which translates the web content into 66 different languages
  • 7 social buttons for easy sharing on twitter, facebook, myspace, digg, google plus, buzz, and email.
  • A facebook connect button that allows you to preview our fan page and connect with 4,000 friends of Olamild Ent.
If you cannot access the content on our old link, omit the "ertainment" and you have the new link. i.e.
www.olamildentertainment.com --> www.olamildent.com



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