Rapper/ songwriter EFA has put out E2DFA, his most personal song to date, on which he tackles issues that are close to his heart. Subjects include dumping a college degree to pursue a career in the arts, questioning a leading music blog which has refused to show him a lot of love and tackling the President over the fuel subsidy matter. The rapper, who had, in the past, showed glimpses of his ability with his introductory project The Waka EP, brings to fore his conscious side as he drops no holds barred lyrics that addresses a lot of social issues on this track.

According to him, “E2DFA can be said to be me letting it all out. It’s just me attempting to express myself on subjects that matter to me as a person. I was in the studio talking about what’s been going on in my life and the country generally. Then I got to writing and D’tunes made the music. It was a long track of about 8 minutes initially but when the label heads heard it, they thought we were on to something so they made me re-record it to fit an orthodox song format.” EFA’s last outing in recent times was on MI’s Illegal Music II mixtape where he featured on the track Star. With a debut album due out later in 2013, EFA released remixes from the summer of 2010 and an internet single EFA on 11-1-11 to introduce himself to the Nigerian market with a view to taking on the world in the next few years. In late 2011, his The Waka EP with producer Bigfoot was released to the public with rave reviews. EFA (@E2DFA_ on twitter) is signed to Bayo Omisore’s Jus’ Kiddin’ 360.


Download track (here)

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