The Hilarious Tytbones Wedding #TheTytbonesWedding

This could be called the first live twitter wedding in real-time. From the tweets to the suits, this is one of the most unusual wedding ceremonies of all time; it was on Friday, June 22. Which happens to be the Bride's birthday but to the groom, it's the best method of crowd control which the rain perfectly helped him with.

The Groom - Tytbones CEO popularly known for hilarious and p-setting tweets with twitter handle @TytbonesCEO created an ash tag #TheTytbonesWedding that came in trending for a while to follow up his wedding programme which people never believed despite having his wedding website till the day of the wedding. The wedding website is one of the most hilarious invitations ever, being a website and especially its contents in categories. It then became a surprise to many people as he was tweeting live from his wedding ceremony the step by step activities and people on twitter had it live and unbelievably true.

Tytbones is the CEO of Tytbones entertainment that is responsible for managing lots of online entertainment platforms including the popularly known AudioNigeria. He prefers being on the background of all his businesses but has attracted more fame from twitter due to his personality there, he's also known with the handle @Moraqizle. The Tytbones Wedding had lots of hilarious moments and tweets that got people wondering how he got such a beautiful bride, one of those that amazed me happens to be the Marriage Proposal letter, we expected to see a letter as usual but what we saw was a rollup banner!! That was alarming. We would have expected him to wear a normal wedding suit when his bride had a very beautiful wedding dress on, but TytbonesCEO came stunning in a white suit that got everyone's camera phones out for a photo session, I’m not sure if to call it suit but you'll need to see it in pictures. The hilarious Azonto and Etighi dance was another point of attraction that got the crowd.

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