Introducing to some, presenting to more, Geoscientist, Hiphop Spoken Word Poet Plumbline.

Nigerian Artists have pushed the envelope of Commercial Success in the Past few Years. Some Comfortably stick to the winning formula, while some dare to push the boundaries to discover boundaries previously uncharted. This, in essence, is what contributes to Musical Growth.

If you have graced Poetry events in Lagos, you most likely would have encountered this fiery Poet who has lent his voice to quite a number of causes, including the Gathering of Comedians and Poets: RHYME AND REASON FOR JOS to deplore the Jos crisis.

Plumbline is not new to the Online Media, you probably might have encountered his song, either as Plumbline, or his alter-egos Plumbtifex/TyRantimus with notable Producers like Kraft (Mode 9, MI Fast Money Fast Cars, OverDose, Terry Tha Rapman etc) and Bigfoot of Micworx Productions (Ill Bliss; Mode 9 (Tales of The Pots) Sanchez (Pick it up) Terry tha Rapman etc).

This offering....from the stables of Micworx is a Bigfoot produced, "Ife-Gbagbara" crooner, De-Tone, assisted Spoken Word/Hip-hop/Folk blend... I Have Seen.

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