P Square & Matt Houston - E No Easy Remix (French Version)

What is your definition for the word ‘Exquisite’? This question goes through my head each time I sit back to watch a video (be it new releases or timeless classics). If a questionnaire is used to judge this, different answers will be seen but one thing will sure stand out; a job well done, consistency, to mention a few.

You must be wondering by now what exactly is my point. Did I hear you say “Enough of the suspense”? The Remarkable twins, Peter and Paul (P Square) dropped the Remix of Chop My Money a couple of months ago which featured the Senegalese legend Akon and the only Square Records artiste (besides the twins) Mister May D. This video hit a million views in a week. That’s what I call AWESOME

So a few weeks back, we saw P Square in France with the famous French R n B singer, Matt Houston {if you missed out on that here’s the link} putting together the French version of “E No Easy” a super hit track of the album “Danger” which originally featured J.Martins

Coming from the duo and Matt Houston, we knew we did not have to wait for too long for another explosive hit.Stand y’all and welcome this astounding video E No Easy Remix.

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