Mode 9 vs. Muna - Bars N Barbs

The Nokia 'Dont Break The Beat' competition has come and gone but not without drama courtesy of the show anchor, Munachi Abii popularly known has Muna.

It all started when Muna said she disagreed with the head judge of the competition, Veteran rapper Mode 9's opinion of who the winner is and even asked him to 'pass the mic men'. When did it become the job of an anchor to agree/ disagree with the judge (s) decision? It was a hot conversation that lasted at least two minutes. What was she thinking?


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well twas plain stupid of her. she makes hate the feminine race

That was plain disrespectful. You owe Mode9 an apology for this. Don't you watch shows like American Idol? The VOice? ABDC? It's okay to air your opinion as long as you air it in a respectful way.

You can tell someone you respect his opinion and follow it up with "pass the mic men." That was rude and unprofessional.

Mode9 knows all about this game and has more experience than you. You have no business arguing with him.

I meant "you can't tell someone you respect his opinion and then follow it up with pass the mic men."

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