The Don Jazzy's Enigma winner and producer of the BET naija rap cypher is on to something new!

Of recent, the name IBK has been on the lips of many--from radio jingles, exclusive interviews to special features. The renowned producer, singer/songwriter and vocal instructor is well known for his vocal arrangements and gritty production skills.

His music is hard to label style wise, it is a mix of genres : Gospel, jazz, neo-soul, hiphop and even RnB. There are many WORDS we can classify IBK with - different, unusual, 'out-er-the-box' - but he'd rather call himself spaceshipboi; believing he has been sent to add value to the world he currently finds himself in (earth).

Earlier in the month, he shot the video for "I HAVE A DREAM," a track off of his upcoming "I COME IN PEACE" album. IBK tells the story of the record I HAVE A DREAM via this visual movie type presentation directed by a great video director BRIAN NU KID. The MARTIANSHIP team has decided to whet the appetite of the public with this sneak peek into what is currently been brewed in the lab. Tell a friend, "there is an alien in town and he looks just like you"

We are super excited for IBK and cannot wait for you guys to see the man doing what he does best.Check out exclusive photos from the video shoot + the the video trailer. The video stills were captured by Wale Adenuga.

IBK - I HAVE A DREAM VIDEO SHOOT - click to enlarge image(s)

For more exclusive update on the man and his mission, visit his blog - IBK SPACESHIPBOI

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