Zara Gretti - "TENO - Behind the Scenes" Pictures and Video

Where is Zara Gretti and why has she been so quiet?  Hello! Have no fear, Zara Gretti is here!  The independent act Mz. Gretti has been working gradually and quietly at her own pace.  

The video for the internet-released single "TENO" was shot in April, 2012 over two days in Maryland, USA.  The visual direction was a collaborative effort by the amazing pair Champion Studios and P.K Design to bring Margaret-Mary Joseph aka Zara Gretti's vision to life.  

The super duper glam squad Nkechi Nchaos, Cheryl Ukegbu (Amaka Consultants), Beatrice Travers-Brown, and Immah Bundu worked seamlessly to bring the styling vision to life with contributions from other young talented Africans in the DMV area - Akeyno accessories, Aral Amore, Lucci Zera and Shako'Ju clothing. ToluMide, Ogee's Place, Duncan Daniels, Nollege Wisdumb, Benny Bekro and more friends showed to support and eat plenty rice and meat!

From the mechanic shop, junk yard to the streets of Maryland, be expectant of a fun and exciting video.  By His grace, the universe aligns for His daughter.

Here are some of the pictures from the shoot

(Click on images to make them bigger)

Behind the scene video:

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