XL [Adejumo Adekunle Gbogboade], A Nigerian Gospel rap Artist, has been on the scene for about 4yrs, and has been growing a name in the underground as a Strong lyrical voice as far as Gospel Rap and Spoken word is in concerned in the industry. 
As the son of a Naval officer, he attended the Nigerian Navy nursery, primary and Secondary school respectively in his growing years. He also attended The redeem Christian Church of God and was very active in the children and teenage services. 

He rose to become the head of his dance group at the age of 14. But by16, he was introduced to rap as another form of expression. He started writing rap verses where ever he had the chance, especially in traffic after school hours. Even as a student in the university, rap music and God were always predominant influences in his life. Despite how often he tried to run away from both of them, he found himself still coming back to them. 

His musical influences vary from secular rap icons like Biggie, Jay-z, Drake, Eminem n Ja rule, to Gospel rap icons like Lecrae, Da T.R.U.T.H, tedashi, trip lee, Roof top Mcs, Gospel according to rap and so on.
XL's style is composed of hard hitting lyrics delivered in a very clear and audible style. Blessed with a unique Thick voice texture and an unforgettable stage presence, XL presents The gospel message in a manner that leaves a lasting impression on anyone that hears him.
His Love for God and rap music remains first place in his life, inspite of having a Master degree from the University of Lagos in Architecture. He is an artist that makes its very obvious that he is gospel, and is unashamed of it!

He has featured with top acts such as FLO, Tolu [project fame] and Gameman!
He is presently working on his First Mixtape titled 'Grace Alone' and has got 3 Hot new singles,
'Thou Oh Lord'ft Tolu [project fame], 'Like a Drug' and 'Spitfire 2012'

Ladies and Gentlemen, Enjoy the music [XL : Xtra Large, Xtra LIfe, Excel]
ff on twitter @XLgbogboade

  The second single is titled "Like A Drug"

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