Factory78tv brings to you a new series known as "The Face off". This is a new 
show that continues our tradition of exclusive interviews with talented African 
entertainers irrespective of their art, sport or music genre. The aim of the 
"Face Off" interview is to pay total attention to the special guest allowing 
them to share their stories and talk deeply about their crafts whilst giving 
good advice to the younger generation hoping to emulate the successes of our 

Being at the forefront of visual entertainment, the BEFFTA award winning 
Factory78tv has identified the need for using an entertainment platform to 
positively inspire the younger African generation around the world hence the 
creation of the "Face Off" series. 

The first edition of the "Face Off" series is with the acclaimed Nigerian music 
video director Akin Alabi. Whilst sitting comfortably in his audio-visual 
studio, he talks to F78tv about his entertainment career so far, his humble 
beginnings as a music director and a musician and working with Afrobeats 
superstars like 9ice and Paul Play. In the spirit of the "Face Off" interview, 
the multi-talented entertainer uses this opportunity to talk indepthly about the 
art of shooting music videos , his choice equipment's and the differences 
between shooting a music video and a movie. Watch the educational interview with 
Akin Alabi right here on "Face Off" with F78TV. 

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