STUDIO D' MAXSI for the chic, bold & modern woman.

Multiple awards winning and highly sought after Ghanaian fashion designer, AFUA SAM is the founder and brain behind STUDIO D’MAXSI, one of the fastest growingfashion houses based in the Washington, DC. Unique, innovative, and edgy AFUA SAM of STUDIO D’MAXSI, creates masterpieces for the chic, bold and funky modern woman. Born to a family of six, remarkably selftaught Afua draws her creative artistic inspiration from her late father who was a touring musician. She also attributes her rich Ghanaian culture as one of her many inspirations for the creation of her designs.

Having come from a poor and humble background, Afua’s journey in fashion and design started in Ghana, West Africa. Due to the hardships and personal life challenges she faced
growing up and also later in life - she lost her father as a
teenager, was separated from her mother for years before a reviving reunion which gave her strength and purpose, Fashion designing was the only thing that kept her going.
An opportunity to travel to the United States brought about by an arts club membership will be the twist of fate that hooks her to her success. She had been introduced to the art club because of her talented handiworks. Afua was born with blessed hands- evident from her first organic garden to the beautiful hand-made kente bags and pillows she displayed at an exhibition at Panafest in Accra which earned her local market recognition and clientele. Afua knew her life’s purpose was linked to the product of her hands.

With a positive outlook to life, Afua migrated to the United States in 1995 where she worked numerous hands-on jobs at a sweatshirt company and for local designers. After years of ‘ghost-designing’ and being influenced by inspirational pieces from around the world especially by the works of well-known names like Oswald Boateng, Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexandra McQueen, Valentino, Betsy Johnson and Kofi Ansah; Afua's sense of strength, sacrifice and purpose fueled her to broaden her horizons and use her experience to create her very own fashion legacy. Her vision and focus gave birth to STUDIO D’MAXSI. The STUDIO D- MAXSI acronym is derived from the initials of her children - MAwuko and SelaSI e (the "D" stands for Design and the "X" is included for phonetic reasons).

STUDIO D’MAXSI ‘s first collection was in 2007 for DC Fashion week; numerous fashion shows followed, especially charity based ones like Fashion Fight Poverty, Steps To The Cure, Fashion Fusion, Fashion For World Peace, Pink Jams, Beyond Words Fashion Show For The ‘Lollipop Kids Foundation,’ Colors Of Sickle Cells, Green & Gorgeous Fashion Show, 12 years running at the Golden Scissors Awards Show, a regular fashion contributor at Council Magazine, just to name a few. Afua is also passionate about giving back and empowering young women through her Afua’s Foundation and Operation Prom. ‘Operation Prom’ is a competition open to academically excellent high school female students. Afua Sam is giving back by making the prom night of one very special high school senior a special night to remember. The goal of the program is to encourage as many girls as possible to complete high school with a serious attitude towards academic drive and excellence. Afua will personally design a prom dress for that very lucky girl.

Afua Sam/ STUDIO D’MAXSI has also featured at Maryland Fashion Week, DC Fashion Week and Crystal Couture. Afua's brand of elegant yet edgy collections has gained her a diverse clientele that includes Jamie Foster Brown, Grammy nominated Artist Carolyn Malachi, Glynn Jackson of the Golden Scissors Awards Show, Abiodun Koya Opera Singer, Miss Ghana Universe , Miss China America First Runner Up, Miss Maryland, Miss Black USA DC among others . Afua says “My message through my fashion brand is "Be As Bold As You Can Be But Very Chic And Sexy At The Same Time” Afua believes her life’s story is a perfect example of what can happen when one is not afraid to go after their dreams no matter how poor or disadvantaged they may be.

“You don’t have to be rich to help anybody. As long as you have a voice and a will, don’t think
you can’t have an impact on someone’s life. You don’t have to be somebody’ in order to make
a difference”- Afua Sam, Fashion Designer, C.E.O-STUDIO D’MAXSI

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