KAHLI ABDU PRESENTS "LITTLE BROTHER": Controversy Or Sibling Rivalry?

Once again, Republiq Records recording artist, Kahli Abdu releases a new record, this time, off the highly anticipated joint Kahli Abdu + Kid Konnect “The Bandits” EP. The track, “Little Brother” which was leaked some time back, finds Kahli Abdu discussing the sensitive nature of his relationship with Chocolate City recording artist, M.I Abaga, leading most to speculate about possible grievances between the two. The single follows a similar train of thought with Kanye’s “Big Brother” track, as Kahli talks about his experiences creatively with M.I, saying in one of his lines “This is house cleaning, imma put our laundry out..” “Little Brother” is definitely a track to listen to, hopefully providing some insight into the more personal side of Kahli Abdu Kahli Abdu + Kid KonnecT: The Bandits EP The much anticipated joint EP from Kahli Abdu and acclaimed producer Kid KonnecT is finally around the corner. With a fixed release date of April 13th, fans would be able to enjoy the EP as a prelude to Kahli Abdu’s official debut album “Rebelution” which is scheduled for release later this year.

 About Kahli Abdu

As part of the growing scene of artists in Jos, Kahli Abdu started his journey in 1996, becoming part of the group "11:30", later becoming "Eltophelli" (together with Jesse Jagz, now of Chocolate City Records) in 2006. Kahli then moved to the U.S in 2005 and met with Chief Willis (of Basement Batman) and later with producer Kid Konnect. With the beats they provided, Kahli recorded several songs, which ended up, on his first mixtape "The Grind Theory". A few years later, he put together his second mixtape "Ministry of Corruption", and shortly after, he started and compiled his "Rebel Friday" Season 1. Kahli is currently working on several projects including his debut album “Rebelution” that would be out this year in addition to the already released tracks Survivor Ft. Lindsey, Vampires and Stuck With You off his on-going "Rebel Friday" Season II. Kahli has worked closely with other artists like M.I (Illegal Music, MI2, Illegal Music 2) and others. He is also the founder of Republiq Records label and under the label will be looking to progress in the music industry as well as produce, manage and collaborate with other artists.

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