“The Fuel Doubler" Starring Tha Suspect

Smash Akademy Presents A Team Capital/Capital Dreams Productions

With the present buzz building over the first episode from the “SUBSIDY” short film that hit the internet barely a week ago, Garnered over 10,000 views in barely 2 days and turning the viral community bugging.

With television stations such as T.V.C., Channels & S.T.V. requesting for the short clip for airing, shows this short flick has touched the populace by depicting the social effects the subsidy removal act by the ruling government body can have in the society. The buzz off the film has sent the production team back to the drawing board to cook up a follow up “The Fuel Doubler”, to further stress the social effects of the government act on its’ people. In a few days the follow up will hit the internet again and subsequent episodes still under production will ensue.

The Fuel Doubler starring the usual suspects Tha Suspect (No pun intended, Lol) and Team Capital presents The Fuel Doubler. Directed/Edited by X.Y.Z. & produced by Teflon (Team Capital)

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