It’s sometimes unsetting when you thought you had your whole life all figured out and carefully planned and set for the journey to your destiny when suddenly fate steps in brandishing a totally different script for your life. His middle class parent probably had tall dreams for their lad, but somehow the kid found himself on the depths of the streets and before one can holler ghetto, one of the realist and deepest street champion was born with a street knowledge that would have awe even the late Dagrin

Born Hammed Mayowa Fisayo from where he coined the moniker Fizzy Mayur, the Ogun state born rapper did not go seeking the streets, the streets sought him out, inspired by the brutal realism of a fela Anikulapo kuti and the surreal smoothness of a Sade Adu, Fizzy started writing his own materials with a touch of sublimity for a young man of his age, lace with a mind-boggling street savvy that never cease to amaze his peers. As fate prepared a place for him under the spotlight, he quickly became an underground kingpin in and around the streets of his native town Abeokuta and environs with his fluid rap style and street vocabulary.

In February 2011, under the stable of eclipse beatz, he dropped two singles titled “ Emi Noni” and “Integrity” Due to lack of foresight on the part of the label both singles ended up as merely underground hits, but his skills did not go unnoticed. He caught the attention of talented producer, Frenzy and also found space with the fast rising management company Photon Entertainment with whom he sign a management deal. The result of the liaison is the brand new and long anticipated single title “LAHDEHIN” which is officially out and experiencing massive download on the internet

As the struggle for the position of the king of street music gets even fiercer, Fizzy Mayur is taking no prisoners and leaving no one in doubt in keeping his date with fate and that is right at the top of his game. If his flawless flow and peerless street vocabulary is anything to judge by, then it’s only safe to say the street has found its credibility again – Fizzy Mayur -

Download track (here)

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