The MTN Project Fame West Africa Season 4 competition is getting hotter and more competitive. With this, a lot of tension has been growing between the judges and the faculty asopinions from both parties about the contestants differ.

Last week, Yvonne was placed on probation because her performance of Estelle’s “Bring it on” was not up to standard. She was not able to finish the song, after delivering a rather poor rendition. On Saturday, November 3, 2011,Yvonne had another chance to redeem
herself before the judges. She brought a prop on stage for her performance and this time, she did a lot better even though during the week in boot camp, she had caught a cold and it affected her voice while she was performing.

Kwame and Nomoreloss “didn’t really enjoy” the performance, saying they had seen her sing better in past performance. Both judges also said she did not make good use of the prop she brought on stage. “Whenever you decide to bring a prop on stage, it is supposed to enhance your performance and not distract you.” Nomoreloss said. TY Mix also commented that she didn’t deliver the song like it was a competition. “Maybe it’s your cold but it still didn’t work for me.”

But the PFWA Faculty thought otherwise as Kaffy objected stating that despite Yvonne’s cold, she still brought out the beauty in the song and gave a good performance. “I totally disagree with the judges’ decision on Yvonne’s performance. She has a cold and still gave the performance her best shot so I believe she deserves some credit for coming out tonight and thrilling the audience with her performance.” Ben argued.

Apparently taken aback, Kwame replied that no one was condemning her performance, that
they were only stating the faults they found with her singing and her use of prop for her performance. Also on Sunday, Monica performed 2face’s “Only me” and got the entireaudience dancing and singing along. After her performance, the judges praised her tremendously but also stated that she was shouting at some point but she got back on track later. However,
voice coach Ige, “corrected” the judges stating that there’s a difference between shouting and belting out the lines of a song and that was exactly what Monica did. Joke Silver also commented that Monica handled her microphone very well as she pulled it slightly away from her when she got to the high notes of the song.

With little clashes here and there from the judges and the faculty, one can only anticipate what happens next in the competition and who
would go away with the grand prize of 2.5 million naira with a fully loaded Toyota Rav 4 jeep and a mouth-watering recording contract.

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