From Friday to Monday last weekend, viewers had the time of their lives as Nigeria’s biggest music reality show hit the screens once more. This time, the episodes showed the concluding part of the auditions through Enugu and Lagos. The audition episodes took viewers through the experiences for the thousands of aspiring potentials vying for the title of Nigerian Idol from Enugu and Lagos.

“With the final airing of the audition episodes, the wait is over,” explained Director, Peter Bode. “The very next episodes of the show will take us to the outstanding hundred that made the final cut. This means that all the Golden ticket winners and others lucky enough to get three y

es es from the judges will be shortlisted into the final 100. The competition at this stage is fierce, so viewers should expect a lot of brilliant music and performances,” he said.

In Enugu, the show started with a little drama as the seat of Soul and dance legend Jeffrey Daniel, was clearly empty. As viewers had begun to wonder if he would show up, JD rushed into the studios straight from an Air Nigeria flight where he was just returning from the sold out Shalamar reunion concert in London. The Coal City brought the heat on with the level of amazing talent they had on ground, from Michael Bibi, a contestant who made it to top 50 in Season I it was a dream come true as he won a golden ticket in to the dream studios. There was also Nnenna another golden ticket winner who hoped to go far in the competition in order to prove to her father that she was a good singer. Enugu also had its fair share of laughs; from a guy who sang of being out of his mind to another who sent the judges to sleep with a slow and uninspiring performance.

Lagos proved itself as the centre of excellence as viewers took an eyeful of the thousands of hopefuls who trooped into the dream studios for their chance at fortune, fame and the
prestigious title of Nigerian Idol. There were hilarious performances from different contestants, from one who sang like a mouse in a falsetto from the beginning to the end, to another who performed opera like never seen before, the judges could not contain themselves. Charly Boy began to crown them “Ajipapa” a word he claims originates from his native town. Soon, the stars began to shine as Cynthia, a young 24 year old wowed the judges with her delicate but steady vocals. Michael Obinna, a student of Metallurgy from The University of Lagos impressed the judges as well with his smooth voice as well as his dexterity with the guitar. Deborah, a Nigerian resident in Gambia flew all the way to Lagos to be a part of the show; her risk was rewarded as she made her way into the next stages of the competition.

From the action packed weekend on television, viewers are looking forward to the next episodes as the competition is pruned from thousands to the first hundred. The show airs from Friday through to Monday on different TV stations across the country and via satellite. The Idol franchise is the world’s biggest and most popular platform responsible for the discovery of popular stars like Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Ad
am Lambert, Timi Dakolo and Nigeria’s own Yeka Onka. The show begun airing on December 4 and will run through the new year until April 1st when a new Idol is announced.

Nigerian Idol is proudly brought to you by Etisalat in association with Pepsi and Sony. It is supported by Air Nigeria, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Megalectrics (owners of Beat FM, Classic FM and Naija FM).


Following the premise of the original show Pop Idol, Nigerian Idol is a television reality show with a nation-wide search for Nigeria's next solo superstar, which will offer one young talent the opportunity that raw talented singers have until now, only dreamed of. Nigerian Idol aims to find the best singer in the country who can be defined as the "National" singer, and an International Artiste.
Nigerian Idol Season I was won by Yeka Onka, a former beauty queen and contestant from Abia State.

Just as it happened on the previous season following the Idol format, a panel of three judges, made up of some of the music industry's most influential experts, will be faced with the daunting prospect of choosing talented singers to face the viewing public who will decide, in a series of live shows, who most deserves the chance of stardom. These hopefuls will be set tasks to prove that they have got the musical talent to make it in one of the world's fastest-growing and most competitive music industries. The Winner will be chosen after a live show in which the final two contestants sing to the nation in the hope of clinching the prize that will change their lives forever.

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