Did Beyonce give birth today?

Beyonce and her baby bump are still creating headlines. Reports surfaced which said that Bey was booked in to give birth yesterday or today at a lux NYC hospital but those reports are false.

It was first reported yesterday that Beyoncé may be checking in to have her baby and supposedly two nurses confirmed that there was a special "VIP" guest coming in. Well, it's not Beyoncé. Could it be another very pregnant celeb like Jessica Simpson?

Global Grind called up St. Luke's Roosevelt hospital in NYC and asked if Beyoncé was scheduled to give birth or had booked the labor and delivery suite set aside for VIP's. The rep for the hospital first said they could not confirm if the nurses were on standby and then said "No, Beyoncé is not scheduled to give birth."

Is that just a way to keep people away or is she really not scheduled to go in and have her baby?

It's still a developing story and seeing as Bey is over 9 months pregnant now, it seems very likely she will be giving birth any day now but the question is where will she decide to have her baby?

Source: celebrity.gather

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Beyonce delivers a baby girl


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