As Isaac and Velma leave the Project Fame Academy…

The fourth edition of MTN Project Fame West Africa is gradually winding down. The competition that started out with 18 contestants has now gone down to eight.

On Saturday, November 26, 2011, Ethel, Roy, Ruth, Ese, Isaac and Velma were put on probation when their performances failed to please the judges and as usual.

“To be honest, I really enjoyed tonight’s performances and I am happy to witness these new talents that would storm the music industry in a matter of time but because this is a competition that is gradually getting to its peak, we have to point out the minor errors and hope you all would do better next time.” Guest judge, Ade Bantu said to the contestants after the performances.

This time, the highest number of votes from the general viewing public saved Ethel while the judges saved Roy. The faculty once again saved Ruth based on her improvement in the academy. After a lot of tension, Ese received the highest vote from fellow contestants. This meant that Isaac and Velma had been evicted. They later blew the audience, judges and faculty away with amazing performances promising everyone that this was not the end of their quest for success in the music industry.

On Sunday, November 27, 2011, the contestants opened the show with a group performance of Westlife’s “World of our own” then right after that, it was reggae night. The contestants thrilled everyone with back-to-back tracks from old time reggae Icons such as Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Patra among other reggae artistes. Some of the performances got the audience, the judges and the faculty dancing and singing as they reminisced on old times.

“You guys did very well tonight but some of you were not up to expectation. The competition is slowly coming to an end so your performances have to be better than your last. Some of you have let the fact that the competition is getting to an end so you allow tension and anxiety spoil your hard work”. Kwame said after the performances.

“I think some of you did not pick the right choice of songs tonight because most of you did not even understand the songs you were singing so there was no way you could have gotten into the character of the song and some of you were not confident and even forgot your lines. One thing about music is that one song can either make you or break you. No matter what happens when you are performing on stage, never stop singing so that you don’t make it obvious to your audience that something is wrong. Above every other thing tonight, you guys tried.” Nomoreloss said.

The contestants on probation this week are Roy, Ese, Racheal, Ethel and Princess. Also on probation for the first time is Yvonne.

So far, ten contestants have been evicted, showing the viewers and remaining contestants that the academy is like a jungle and only the strongest will survive. Joe, Kamar, Zaliha, Aziga, Chidinma, Emmanuel, Joba, Isaac and Velma are out of the competition, leaving 8 contestants to slug it out for the grand prize of 2.5 million naira with a fully loaded Toyota Rav 4 jeep and a mouth-watering recording contract.

You can vote to keep your favorite contestants by texting their unique number to 305 from an MTN line. Each text costs N50 and voting closes on Friday.

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