Super duo Sy-Meez to take over Africa

Introducing the super duo, Vee(Vanessa Mdee) & A.V.I.D(Tinashe), the hippest and freshest thing to have graced Africa's music scene in recent years. A chance meeting between these two individuals, back in 2010, gave birth to what is now known as "Sy-Meez", a name that borrows meaning from the word "Siamese". From the moment they met, their chemistry in & out of the studio was one that which rivals that of conjoined twins so this name fittingly described these two's synergy. Not to mention the fact that they are both Geminies.
Both members exhibit exceptional versatility with the ability to sing really touching tunes & even spit crazy bars, which is what sets them apart in the industry. With talent like this, these two are destined to take over Africa and even the world.

They are currently working on their first project called "1st & Stone" due out sometime in 2011 so be on the lookout for their banging single, due out soon.

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