Introducing British Singer Songwriter - Lánre

After extensively touring as a member of the award winning contemporary gospel collective GK REAL, Lánre British singer/songwriter of Nigerian heritage embarks on her own personal musical journey with her acoustic guitar.

Lánre has spent the past eighteen months playing her songs in cafés, bars and various charity events all over London.

She was one of the eleven UK singers and songwriters selected to be part of the Prezzo live tour; performing at various UK restaurants of the Italian chain.

Her music can be best described as acoustic soul with influences from her Nigerian heritage of storytelling and folk music along with her background in gospel music.

Lánre has taken her Singing for Change acoustic tour to various venues and events like the Greenbelt Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival on the Royal Mile and Toronto Canada.

Her debut solo album Pen Voyage Chapter One: Singing for Change was officially released on the 30th September 2011

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Lanre - Inspiration

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I saw this lady play at an event recently and her voice is amazing! Great songs too.

this lady is the real deal! You heard it here first!

Very different. Very nice. Quite relaxing.

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